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How To Learn SEO So You Can Use It To Your Advantage

SEO is not that difficult to learn if you’re willing to get online to teach yourself about what it is about. That’s what you’re going to get some advice on here. To start making traffic come to your websites, this is the way to go.

You’re going to want to make sure that when you work with tutorials of any kind, that you find some that are up to date. Many times you’re going to see that there are problems in the older tutorials because they may have information that works with older versions of search engine algorithms. These things change over time, so methods that worked a little over a year ago may not still. The more up to date the tutorials are that you can find, the better off you’re going to be when you see the results you get.

SEO Training can be done through videos, and if they are newer you’ll have a great chance of learning a lot. The good thing about using a video sharing website to learn about SEO is that you can generally ask questions in the comments and then that way you can have them answered either by the video maker or other people that are in the know. You may even be able to tell the video creator you’d like for them to come up with something for a new video for you and give them a few ideas on what would work for a new one.

Don’t buy into a system that tells you that your traffic will go super high if you just pay them to learn more. That’s not going to work most of the time. You need to make sure first that you read reviews on this kind of thing before you trust that anyone is going to be able to help you with learning this kind of thing. Many of the people that want you to pay to learn a get rich quick system are not going to be able to deliver on that promise and that is a waste of money.

Once you know how to learn SEO you can use it to your advantage. There are plenty of great tutorials and other ways to learn like through videos. The more time you put into this the more you should be able to use it to your benefit.

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How to Do SEO in 2016

If you’ve been using the same old SEO tactics as you did last year, it`s about time you changed your strategies. Here are four key things that you should focus on in 2016 if you want to rank well on the search engines and beat competition:

Keyword Research

The concept of keyword is largely used so that we can find words and phrases that our potential consumers are using to find our products.

There are various ways to do so. First is by studying your competitors` top-ranking pages to know the keywords they are using. The other means is through search engines like Searchmetrics Keyword analysis tool, Ubersuggest, Google’s Keyword Planner and SEMrush.

For example, by analyzing your competitors SEMRush data you might find out that they are targeting “St Louis SEO“. Also focusing on long-tail keywords at the same time natural language becoming more pervasive and popular is very effective. You can also research on the analytics of your websites to know the keywords being sought for and build a dynamic website based on these sought after keywords.

A new trend is emerging that Google is no longer concerned about keywords but more concerned about high-quality content, social media shares and schema markup.

However, using keywords is still a safe bet if you want your website to rank on the first page of google.

On-Page SEO

Searchmetrics’ 2015 Ranking Factors report provides detailed insight on how to be able to utilize the on-page SEO to get a higher ranking when it comes to search rankings. It gives some vital information on the number of words (word count). Google has a history of favoring content that is larger. A study shows that the average word count ranges from 1,285 to 1,40 words. They advise on making your content comprehensive instead of smaller content that only gives a tip of the iceberg.

They also emphasize on the use of header and meta-tags. A study shows 99% of the top 10 ranked SEOs had used a meta-description, 80% of them using an H1 tag. Make sure that your H1 tags are significant, unique and hit the nail on the head as to what your SEO is offering. You should also optimally use the page info and internal structure so that the user is thoroughly taken through your content rather than adding too many internal links.

Link Building

Back links or inbound links are still important SEO tools in 2016. A backlink is essentially a link that is directed towards your website. They build naturally over time. The more back links a website has the better because it shows how popular and important it is. Search engines such as Google considers a website with many quality backlinks as more relevant than those with less and gives it more credit. Backlinks also attract visitors to your site.


Searchmetrics nicely puts a shift from link building by saying that links formed the basis for search engine rankings, for the analysis of ranking factors and for the SEO for many years. This trend is what caused the highly tactical manipulations that plagued this sector for a long time and that these times are now in the past. They suggest that rather than building links, businesspersons should focus on earning links through publishing high-quality content.

The content that is most likely to capture many links, according to a study done by Moz and Buzzsumo are opinion forming journalism, ‘why’ posts, list posts, research-backed content and long-form content that contains approximately 1000 words.

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How to Do Less Work But Earn More As an Entrepreneur

Many people are leaving their jobs to pursue the riskier but more rewarding life of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs do not have the job security and the stable incomes that the people who work as employees are going to have. However, few people become wealthy as employees instead of entrepreneurs. There is nothing quite like being one’s own boss as well, and that is what people are going to be able to get when they’re working as entrepreneurs.

Passive Income Streams and Less Work

There is no doubt about the fact that being an entrepreneur is difficult. People are taking a risk when they try to start their own business. They might not be able to get enough clients to actually sustain any sort of a business. They might not also be able to motivate themselves to do the work that is necessary to get a business off of the ground independently in the first place. Many people underestimate just how much work goes into being an entrepreneur in the first place, especially because the people who own their own businesses never really get days off again. The way to get around this problem involves generating some kind of a passive income stream.

Passive income streams continue to generate money without the people in question doing any work directly. Someone who has a website that makes ad revenue regularly regardless of whether or not he or she posts anything has a passive income stream. Someone who has a store that sells something online and who manages to make sales with minimal direct customer interaction has a passive income stream. A lot of modern ebook writers have turned their writing into passive income streams as their books manage to sell consistently in a way that does not require a lot of extra effort on their part.

Someone with a passive income stream may be making money off of something he or she did years ago. A book that was written a decade earlier could continue to sell as part of a passive income stream. A website that is no longer even updated could continue to generate ad revenue as part of a passive income stream. A store that has no new products could still make sales on some of the old ones.

Establishing a passive income stream in the first place is the hard part. People usually need to do a lot of initial marketing or people aren’t even going to be able to hear about their products or their websites. Obscure websites, books, stores, and products aren’t going to be effective income streams. Passive income streams also can go dormant if the owner doesn’t do any marketing at all. However, entrepreneurs who have passive income streams aren’t going to need to do that much work in order to maintain them, especially compared to other entrepreneurs. Once passive income streams are established, entrepreneurs can start to live their dreams of four-hour work weeks and money that more or less earns itself.

Top 3 Sales Strategies to Avoid

When you engage a potential client to make a sale, whether it’s over lunch, on the phone or even by email, there are particular elements involved that might derail the process. In some cases, it may not be your fault, but chances are you could’ve focused your effort in a way that would have improved your odds.

Here are 3 sales strategies that might make you unable to close the deal if you’re guilty of them, and how to correct your odds.

1. Missing the Connection Between You and Them

At the root of sales, you’re selling the solution to a problem that the buyer may not know they have. However, it’s easy to forget that through the entire process, you have to continue demonstrating reasons why your product or service is a need for the consumer or business towards which you are marketing it.

Too many times, salespeople get caught up in a long, impersonal presentation or simply run down a list of product features. These strategies can work if the consumer makes the connection themselves but this isn’t something on which you should count. To raise the effectiveness of your sales strategies, remember throughout your pitch to keep your target thinking about the ways that you can help them by providing your product or service.

2. Not Getting To Know a Decision-Maker

Most salespeople understand that getting to know the person to whom you are selling can lead to the establishment of common ground and a relationship that fosters a more comfortable selling environment for both parties.

While that is a major key to doing business of any type, we’re going a little deeper and talking about important signs and details about the buyer that you may be missing. For example, is this particular contact the key decision-maker in buying decisions for their firm? What factors or individuals influences the buyer’s decision most? Many buyers will name price as their top priority, but in most cases there are other considerations with major effects on their willingness to buy.

3. Losing Your Direction Towards the Objective

Often in closing the deal, salespeople breeze past the most important part: actually asking for the sale and letting the decision-maker know their intentions. Simply repeating your intention to have your product in the homes or offices of the buyers throughout your sales pitch will give them a bigger picture of the outcome of the pitch. Additionally, as a consumer it’s much easier to be noncommittal about the prospects of buying a good or service when you aren’t asked directly to buy.

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