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Buyers are Liars as Sales Techniques

buyers are liars resized 600

I know, so negative of me. Once upon a time, I would agree with you. People don't lie, at least not intentionally! They just change their mind. Sometimes, buyers either don't know what they need or how to buy it, or they don't think it makes them a bad person to use a salesperson to get a price and shop it around to get a better deal. They will still go to heaven, right?

Who's the douchebag? Is this a marketing disaster?

bossy grrl resized 600

Pardon my language, but it is about to get worse, so I might as well warn you now. If you are easily offended, don't keep reading. In fact, you may want to unsubscribe from this blog. Hopefully you will laugh, I sure did. I debated whether or not to share the following thoughts, and my fellow Inbound Networkers told me not to waste my time. But I feel like there are multiple lessons to be shared and learned. And if not, then maybe someone else will at least get a laugh.

Is it gender, race, or just you?

nosferatu ready to bite

Is gender and race a lie we tell ourselves why we can't or shouldn't?

From grade school to high school, I was afraid of vampires. And when I say I was afraid, I mean the kind of fear that changes your behavior. For example, when I walked from my Nana's house down the street to home in the summers, I made damn sure I did so before dusk. When I went to sleep at night, it didn't matter how hot out it was, I was covered from head to foot in a blanket, with extra care to make sure that my neck was not exposed. I was convinced that the vamps slept in my mom's basement during the day, and when asked to go down there- no forced- I ran so fast up the stairs that I tripped and fell more than once.

The 'Questions and Periods' Game for Sales Coaching

questions and periods resized 600

When I first started doing real sales coaching with my own personal coach, things started happening in my personal life as well. It started with a small change in the way I interacted with hubby.

The Spock Method for Controlling Emotional Involvement in Sales

spock fascinating resized 600

I recently got an updated sales assessment test. And even though I had gone through this process earlier in my career, had gone through intensive 1-1 executive sales coaching, my coach said he was a little surprised that I was still struggling with Emotional Involvement. I was less surprised. I knew there was something, but wasn't sure what it was.

An Inbound Sales Story Inspired by the DMV

emotional intelligence in sales

Loud Linda at the DMV

The last thing I wanted to do in the middle of a busy work week, on the second to the last week of the year, in the midst of merging 2 companies together, was go to the DMV and get my license renewed. But passport in hand, the day after a big snow storm and in 5 degree weather, I forced myself to go there instead of the gym, bracing myself for a long line and annoyed people.

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Should Sales People Blog?

cross  the line sales marketing

Yes/No? Why? And if yes, how? When? About what?

Where have you had your best conversations with peers and prospects? Is it in the conference room meeting? Likely not- sometimes I think of conference rooms as stages where everyone plays a part. It can be fun, and it can be tragic. Maybe it's in passing in the hallway or by the water cooler, or over lunch?

Is creating content in your company culture's DNA?

Content marketing DNA resized 600

The effect of culture on content and why it is crucial for inbound success.

Creating content that speaks to buyers hearts and minds on a consistent basis is a bear of a job. In fact, it is too much for any one person to do alone. And that is a good thing. Why? Because unless you are a soloprenuer, there is more than one person having a conversation with your buyers on a regular basis. Why are conversations and content creation so important? Because Google says so.

Death to the Marketing Agency of the Past

ROI marketing

"We are not responsible or accountable for your sales."

I cringe whenever I hear a marketing agency or "professional" say this. I recently heard it from a prospect who was frustrated with their current marketing agency who said this to them when they were asked why the client wasn't seeing results. As in sales. In their minds, their responsibility ended when the email campaigns went out. They weren't responsible for what happened after they hit the send button. 


Reactions to my own sales assessment test.

sales assessement tests resized 600

Can you handle a sales skill assessment test?

The single most important, critical, life blood of a business is in it's ability to sell. That is to say, it is the ability of that business to build the right relationships, that is the driving force behind growth. Buyers do not care about packaging and pricing. People buy from people, not companies. To build relationships that last, it has to be built on trust. Trust comes from honesty, and that starts with being honest with ourselves.

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