What Can a Smarketing Strategy Consult Do for You?

Think: Integrate the Sales and Marketing Strategy

Guidebook for Sales and Marketing to Develop the Funnel

Think about the value your business brings to your ideal customer.

Internet Marketing Plans for Business Development
In 30 days, you can start to change your business, shift to a customer value focus, optimize the sales and marketing processes, and create a repeatable revenue system in three steps.
  1. Evaluation typically includes*: Personel Assessments, Business Discovery, and Customer Uncovery

  2. Strategy typically includes*: Customer Persona Profiles, ROI & KPI Benchmarks, Goal Planning, Market Research, Sales Prospecting  

  3. Funnel typically includes*: Sales & Marketing Funnel Alignment to Target Customer Buying Processes
Why do we think there never enough time to do it right,
but always time to do it over?
*Scopes may vary according to individual business needs.


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